Signia Silk 7X hearing aid

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The Signia Silk X is one of the smallest and most discrete hearing aids on the market. It is a unique instant fitting model with a variety of click sleeves or domes that provide a comfortable, optimised and secure fitting. With Signia’s new X Chip platform you are assured natural sound quality and clarity even in competing noise environments. Easy adjustability of volume and progress as required from the Signia App.

The Signia Silk 7X is the Premium Hearing aid (Top of the line) from this world leading German manufacturer.

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Signia Silk 7X is one of the smallest hearing aids on the market and so falls in the category of either Invisible In the Canal (IIC) or Completely in the Canal (CIC). They can be instantly fitted using a number of adaptable soft silicone click sleeves or domes to suit most ear canal sizes and hearing level configurations. They are comfortable fitting and saves time having to take a mould and have them custom fitted to the shape of each ear canal. They are even suitable for people with fairly good low to mid frequency hearing sensitivity that mainly needs the amplification in the higher frequency range. This is because the ear can be left relatively open with the use of an open click dome reducing the occlusion effect. (The blocked sensation that traps much of one own voice and vibration in your head). So it is one of the least occluding in the canal style devices.

Being positioned deeper in you ear canal gives numerous advantages above an beyond discretion. They make use of the natural shape of the ear (Pinna/Auricle) to direct sound into the canal and preserve the natural forward emphasise and inter ear timing and intensity speech cues. The microphones are more tucked away from wind turbulence. They are also well position for the taking of phone calls and listening to music.\

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