Starkey Genesis AI 20 mRIC R hearing aid

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The Starkey Genesis AI 20 mRIC R hearing aid is the Advanced model in the range and delivers leading rechargeable battery life, improved processing speeds and an ergonomic durable design.

Hearing aids include:

  • 3 years of warranty (5 Years on Select Models)
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Services ~ Hearing Test, Fitting & Follow Ups as required.
  • 1 Year of Insurance for Loss and Damage Beyond Repair*
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (5% Price Beat Guarantee)
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Starkey Genesis AI 20 mRIC R hearing aid

Genesis AI is the latest flagship hearing aid family from leading American manufacturer Starkey. It was launched in the U.S. in February 2023 and almost a year later unrolled to the Australian Market in January 2024. The Genesis AI 20 mRIC R is the Advanced (second from the top) mini-receiver in the canal style model (mRIC).

Why choose the Starkey Genesis AI 20 mRIC R?

This best in class  hearing aid combines industry-leading features with a discreet and ergonomic design. You will  experience unparalleled comfort and clarity even in challenging communication  environments.

The Starkey Genesis AI 20 mRIC R is smaller than the Genesis AI 20 RIC RT which  makes the hearing aid very petite and discreet.  Its ergonomic shape ensures a light, secure and comfortable fit on your ears.

The hearing aid features enhanced digital processing technology, the widest  dynamic range input of up to 118dB making it excellent for preserving the range nuances when listening to music.

It also features the best battery life of any mini rechargeable hearing aid on the market with up to 41 hours of wear time on a single charge. Well beyond a waking day of wear even with hours  of wireless bluetooth streaming.

One Robust Dust, Sweat & Water Proof Hearing Aid

With an ingress protection rating exceeding IP68 they are considered water, sweat and dust & dirt  proof. So you can enjoy your outdoor activities and sports without having to worry about your hearing aids being damaged by perspiration, dirt or water.

Automatically Adapts to Your Environment:

No matter if you are in a quiet room,  noisy restaurant or open plan living room,  these intelligent hearing aids automatically optimise their sound to provide you with the best possible listening experience. Simply “set and forget” and enjoy clear speech and audio wherever you go.

You can use the new intuitive Starkey App to further personalise your listening experience.

Key Features of Genesis AI 20 mRIC Hearing Aids

  • Water Proof (Ingress Protection Rating Exceeding 68) thanks to Starkey’s Pro8 HydraShield. Ensures resistance to sweat, dust, dirt and water.
  • Ergonomic Shape to sit comfortably and discretely behind your ear.
  • The smallest most powerful “Neuro” Sound Processor which is the industries smallest, powerful and energy efficient processor.
    Starkey says its new chip platform is one of the most powerful available with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural networks (DNN) for better sound quality and speech-in-noise processing. It claims to mimic the way the cerebral cortex of the human brain processes sound.
    • 4X faster processing
    • 6X more transistors
    • 10X memory
    • Faster environmental identification and adaption

As a result of this enhanced processing capacity and memory is more immersive sound quality, better battery efficiency and even more discrete and comfortable design.  With up to 80 million automatic hearing aid adjustments are made per hour to “fill in” speech gaps that would otherwise be missed. Starkey states that “this Neuro Sound technology improves sound naturalness, speech intelligibility, and offers lower listening effort for hearing aid users.”

Redesigned Form for Maximum Comfort:

Other Starkey Genesis AI Styles

Starkey has also launched the Genesis AI Hearing Aids in the custom in the canal styles and as a RIC RT which boasts the industries longest battery life of any rechargeable RIC hearing aid with up to 51 hours of wear time on a single charge.

Starkey Genesis Technology Levels

The Starkey Genesis AI 20 is considered the Advanced Technology Level  or second from the Premium model in the family. It possesses 20 digital processing channels or bands which enables accurate shaping of the amplification to an individuals hearing levels in each ear.  It also affords opportunity for effective noise filtering in each of the frequency bands. i.e. improves the signal of speech relative to competing noise in each of the bands.

Genesis AI 20 Advanced Features:

      • Has 20 programming channels for accurate fine tuning of amplification to the hearing levels in each ear.
      • Provides up to 10 dB of Speech in Noise Reduction ( A substantial reduction of competing noise when speech is present for enhanced clarity and comfort)
      • Provides  up to 12 dB of Machine Noise Reduction (e.g. fridge motor running or air conditioner)
      • Up to 9 dB or transient Noise Reduction (sudden abrupt invasive sounds are suppressed well)
      • Up to 19 dB of Wind Noise Reduction (substantially  reduces annoying rushing sounds due to wind turbulence.

Starkey Genesis AI technology levels

Starkey Genesis AI Colours:

Colour Names from Top Left: Tech Black, White, Caramel, Chestnut Brown, Silver and Graphite Grey

Starkey Genesis AI Colours

My Starkey app

As automatic hearing aids that require minimal input from the wearer to perform optimally in an array of listening environments. However the My Starkey App compliments the functionality of Genesis AI hearing aids by providing further personalisation options and additional benefits including the ability to:

  • Adjust hearing aid settings.
  • Stream Phone calls and Media wirelessly through the hearing aids,.
  • Find lost aids with a Geo location function.
  • Count steps, track engagement and help achieve well-being goals.
  • Translate languages
  • Set reminders messages and more.

Lady Using the My Starkey App

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