Best value

Re, Harmony Hearing & Audiology, Fremantle WA

Hi, this is to let you all know that after having successive sets of hearing aids since 1999, I have finally found an exceptional Audiologist, Andrew Mackendrick from Harmony Hearing & Audiology, who demonstrated his understanding in exactly what is needed in order to get the best possible outcome from a set of high quality hearing aids.

In the past, I have been treated by well meaning, friendly Audiologists but I am sorry to say, with limited equipment and high prices.

I found that Harmony Hearing & Audiology had the advantage of being able to test me in a silent environment like the other but in addition, also has the equipment to be able to set up my new hearing aids in a noisy environment in order to get the best out of them. This was not possible with the other companies I bought my hearing aids from and as a consequence, I was always going back to have them adjusted for noisy environments, basically with fingers crossed and a bit of educated guess work on their behalf.

Now I’ll talk about the price. After shopping around on the net and contacting several companies, it came down eventually to value for money. Without going into a lot of detail I could write a book on, Andrew gave me the best value for money as well as price. You don’t usually get both in this day and age so I was pleasantly surprised and decided to run with him.

In conclusion, I commend to everyone with a hearing impairment, both the company, Harmony Hearing & Audiology and in particular Andrew Mackendrick, who is not only a young but highly qualified Audiologist, but who was also very friendly, respectful and astute in determining my particular needs as I am sure he will be with you. My new hearing aids required only the slightest adjustment after a month of testing and even then I was tempted to leave things as they were because they were so effective with their initial settings. Even so, he couldn’t help tweaking them that last little bit.

Thanks Andrew.