Big change to my life WOW

After being born with Hearing problems and also working in the mining industry for 30+years I had been putting up with being death as a post for a long time. Not to mention that people around me had been putting up with it as well. Time to do something about it!

So I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew and his staff for their great friendly service for making big change to my life WOW can’t believe there are so many birds out there in the world that I never heard before. Without the help from you guys I might never have experienced some of the noises I am hearing today. Also made huge difference to my work E.G meetings and generally gaining more information when dealing with people.

For anybody that has been dealing with hearing loss and unsure about using hearing aids, drop into Freo and catch up with Andrew and staff their service is friendly and they care about your hearing issues.