Completely Changed My Life

During my last year at high school (year 10) I was sweeping the floors at the local newspaper office in Narrogin when the boss offered me a five year apprenticeship in printing. After discussing this with my parents I accepted the offer and remained in the industry for forty seven and a half years. During this period I was continually involved in an environment with printing presses, folding and collating machines etc which were very noisy and I was subjected to this for many years before it became compulsory to wear hearing protection (unfortunately too late). It was in the early 2000’s that I found myself continually asking people to repeat themselves and I used to have to attending many meetings with the company and had great trouble understanding the speakers. Normal things like having to turn the TV up a lot louder than was comfortable for my wife and visitors, could not hear people on the telephone clearly. I decided I needed to have a hearing test in Perth and the verdict was that my hearing was getting very poor and purchased a set of hearing aids. I had great difficulty getting these to improve my hearing and tried a number of suppliers before I made an appointment with Harmony Hearing in Fremantle in October 2015. I was extremely lucky to have Andrew MacKendrick as my audiologist. After a lengthy discussion I purchased a set of aids on Andrew’s recommendation which completely changed my life in the hearing department. I found Andrew very honest, understanding and was completely competent in his profession. Nothing was too much for Andrew. In September 2019, I returned to Harmony Hearing to see Andrew and upgraded to the latest Oticon hearing aids with all the “bells & whistles” which I love and feel they are extremely good value.