Considerable improvement over my first set

I have some hearing loss, probably caused from a number of years of exposure to the workplace noise in farming. After an internet search of providers and the after sales service commitment which was offered, I decided to make an appointment with Harmony Hearing.

I have recently visited Andrew MacKendrick at Harmony Hearing to upgrade my five year old hearing aids. Following an extensive and thorough consultation, I was able to trial different hearing aids for a period which allowed me to experience them in the normal range of situations I am involved in. I was able to use them for two weeks each so I could make an informed choice for my needs.

I have chosen the Oticon Genie2 hearing aids which fit well, address my hearing needs and are a considerable improvement on my first set.

The service provided by Andrew has been excellent. He allows a generous period of time for appointments. There is no pressure to purchase and I was given ample time to decide on the model. In my case, the process has taken around four weeks to make a decision. As an independent practice, Harmony Hearing is able to offer a choice of brands, are price competitive and not obligated to a particular manufacturer.

I have no hesitation recommending Andrew and Harmony Hearing to anyone who may have a concern with their hearing.