Exceeded all my expectations

I was reading an article in my local paper one day where it stated a lot of people in their 50’s (and younger) were in denial about how bad their hearing loss was & that they thought they were too young to even consider the possibility that hearing aids may enhance their hearing & quality of life. It went on to say by not addressing it early you run the risk of your ears forgetting certain frequencies making it even harder for hearing aids to give you maximum assistance later on.

So at age 53 I decided to have a hearing test as I was struggling to hear what people were saying at staff meetings (even when I sat at the front!) and what the students were saying in the small groups that I work with as an EA. Although my hearing loss is not severe I was struggling witht he clarity of speech from people talking or on TV etc.

My initial hearing test was at a local company local to me and I was able to trial some hearing aids for a week. I think it is imperative to have this option before you commit yourself to what can be quite a significant expense (depending on the model you are buying). I didn’t feel though that a week was long enough, and the company was not overly keen to extend my trial time. I decided to investigate other companies both online & via phone calls.

Andrew Mackendrick from Harmony Hearing was one of the people who returned my phone call. What an amazing man! His professionalism & dedication exceeded all my expectations. Right from the start you could tell its his mission to find the most ideal hearing aids for your specific hearing loss. He does not push any specific brand & I was able to test out my hearing aids over a few weeks with appointments in between to adjust and fine tune as needed.

Not only was he able to offer them at the lowest price, his after sales services value for money. The ongoing support of 4 years unlimited service, 2 yrs free batteries, 3 yr National warrantee, 1 yr Insurance for loss & damage to name just a few.

Since purchasing my Resound Linx I now need to turn the TV/radio down to the extent that my husband will often say that now he can’t hear it!!

I also like the fact that they are linked via blue tooth to my phone which gives me access to different program settings that I am able to adjust myself to suit different environments as & when needed.

Without a doubt I recommend Harmony Hearing & Andrew Mackendrick to anyone with hearing concerns. Thank you for all your assistance and patience.