I do not feel disadvantaged because of my hearing loss and can enjoy my life to the fullest

My life has changed as it is wonderful to be able to hear now as I have been so fortunate to have finally found an Audiologist – Mr Andrew Mackendrick, as I am so happy and my story is as follows.

Six years ago I had bought from a very reputable company a set of internal hearing aids to the value of $8,500 and although I repeatedly had them remade twice they would fall out of my ears and were the wrong set for me. They were sent away and pieces cut off them to the point I was so frustrated that I never wore them and was nearly run over by a train in Melbourne as I had no hearing at the rear, but this really upset me and also my family, so I promised them I would buy a new set of hearing aids. The above company never offered any other hearing aids even though these ones never fitted.

The path to Andrew has been a long one but I eventually in desperation was able to locate him by Harmony Hearing’s website after sheer frustration from going to other retailers audiologists who would pressure to make a sale and did not supply any of the information that was relevant to my hearing it was only about the sale not about the persons hearing.

I had phone calls from sales people at the retail audiologists who would get indignant at why I had not made an instant decision as the hearing aids were from $5,000 to $10,000.

I made an appointment for Andrew and I could not believe the caring attitude that was shown to me by Rachel and then after a thorough hearing test with Andrew he then explained on a TV screen exactly what was wrong with my hearing and why I had experienced the problems with the above hearing aids it made so much sense and what was needed.

Andrew then gave me a choice of several hearing aids that were small and worn at the back of the ear and can hardly be seen. It was amazing that there was no pressure to decide then and there or to buy the most expensive, it was about my hearing as I was able to make a wise choice and the price was unbelievable.

Not only the advice but the service is unbelievable and the compassion shown by both Andrew and Rachel and as a husband and wife team, it is so friendly showing the understanding at my hearing loss. My hearing is so clear now and thankfully I can hear front, side and rear.

I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough and it was the best trip to Fremantle that I have made as not only are my family happy that I can hear clearly but also I do not feel disadvantaged because of my hearing loss and can enjoy my life to the fullest.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you both.