I should have done this years ago

Carol Foster has hearing in one ear only which also has a significant hearing loss. She recently trialled an entry level Phonak hearing aid and a BICROS and was happy with the improvement over her previous aid. She asked to trial the premium Phonak model to see if it would be an improvement in background noise and was delighted with the extra benefit.

Following the success of her new hearing aid she encouraged her husband Colin to come into Harmony Hearing for an assessment. He was subsequently fitted with essential level Phonak hearing aids and was very happy with the outcome. “I feel like I can hear like I did when I was 16” and “I should have done this years ago”

At Harmony Hearing we not only offer all of the main brands of hearing aids and discuss the various levels of technology, we take our time and allow clients to trial hearing aids before choosing the device that best suits their needs and their budget.

In the words of Colin who worked at the Canarvon Tracking Station as an equipment officer and technician;

“Hi to those of you who have ears, yet find it hard to her clearly with them. That was our problem until we found Harmony Hearing and Audiology on the internet. Tony solved our hearing difficulties within a short time. My wife and I found their professionalism outstanding. They Knew how to supply the correct hearing aids for our situation and were thorough in discussing the options and allowing us to trial the devices before making a decision.

We highly recommend Harmony Hearing to all those who suffer from hearing problems.