"Completely changed my life"

– David Willott

“I should have done this years ago"

– Col & Carol Fisher

“I have my hearing back"

– Yvonne Ender

“Exceeded all my Expectations”

– Jenny Krouzecky

"Best Value"

– Peter Clausen

Specialised Services

How We Can Assist You:

Hearing Clinics

I live in WA and would like to book a clinic appointment for a hearing test, hearing aid trial or other Audiology consultation.


I live anywhere in Australia and would like to book an appointment for a remote Audiology consultation via phone, video or app.

Online Shop

I know what hearing aid I would like to purchase. Take me to your online shop and show me your prices.

Helpful Videos

I would like step-by-step guidance on hearing aid maintenance, setup and other FAQ. Show me your videos.

If you are looking for a trusted Audiologist in Perth with extensive experience in providing a personalised, tailored service, Harmony Hearing is for you.

We are unique, unbiased and independent.

Unlike most Audiologists who are connected to just one manufacturer of hearing aids, our independence means we can offer not only personalised services, but a much wider range of hearing aid options to suit your:

· Level of hearing
· Lifestyle, and
· Budget

We understand your concerns about unfair pricing bundling packages offered by others. That is why we provide the most transparent pricing structures for both services and hearing devices.

Click on one of the large buttons above to be directed to find out more about the service you require.

And begin your journey to better hearing (and therefore better quality of life) today.

Professional, Independent, and Affordable Hearing Care Audiologist Perth


Thorough Hearing Tests & Hearing Aid Fittings

Using state of the art equipment and methods you receive a complete hearing test. Hearing Aid fittings are verified and you are thoroughly coached to confident management.



Truly Independent

Being independent means we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer like most clinics in Australia. When our Audiologists recommend a hearing aid it is because it is the best hearing aid for you.


Highly Experienced Audiologists Near You

Our Audiologists are fully qualified, highly experienced and registered with Audiology Australia and the Office of Hearing Services. You are assured of the most professional care.


Upfront, Low Hearing Aid Prices

Unlike many of our competitors, we publish our hearing aid prices for all to see in our online store. We charge some of the most competitive hearing aid prices in Australia.


Informed Choice

We provide digital hearing aids and accessories from all leading manufacturers. We help you make an informed choice.


Hearing Services Program Accredited

As a Government accredited practice to provide the Hearing Services Program (HSP) we provide free and subsided hearing aids and services to eligible Australians.

Government Accredited

Harmony Hearing & Audiology is accredited to provide services and fully or partially subsidised hearing aids to pensioners and veterans through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP).

Contact us and we can check your eligibility or visit the programs website at www.hearingservices.gov.au

Self-Funded Australians

To keep it fair for self-funding Australians we provide big discounts on quality hearing aids.

You obtain them at about the same low price that you would if receiving the Government hearing aid subsidy.

We provide the same best practice services that maximise long term benefits.

If hearing aids are recommended you receive a trial period and at least a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee.

Mature Couple

Joanne WildsmithJoanne Wildsmith
08:50 10 Nov 21
My husband Michael is highly delighted with the service Tony provided. New Oticon hearing aids are far superior to any he has had before over more than 20 years.
keith Bowerkeith Bower
08:14 18 Oct 21
I recently made an appointment for provision of some "Hearsaver Musician Plugs" to preserve my remaining hearing especially when using apparatus, which may compromise my hearing.On that day Andrew removed some wax build up, without testing his patience, to optimise my hearing.I picked up the plugs today and Andrew showed me how best to fit them, even supplying some Auragel (at no extra cost), so I can now insert them without assistance and get the best fit.The initial service was great and the fitting plus after care attention was beyond expectation!Keith Bower 18/10/21
Ric HawleyRic Hawley
08:54 08 Oct 21
I have the new Oticon One hearing aids and they are fantastic. A revolution on my older hearing aids. Music clarity, voices and hearing balance is a life changer.Harmony have offerd the best of service and advice and the best economy for purchasing new hearing aids. Thank you.
John LawJohn Law
01:56 07 Oct 21
I have been a hearing aid user for over 20 years and a client of Andrew Mackendrick of Harmony Hearing since 2016.When looking for a service provider the quality of Testing ,Diagnostics, Solutions and after sales service are what I look for. Andrew and his team at Harmony Hearing tick all the boxes..I have just upgraded my Phonak Audeo aids to the new generation Phonak Paradise P70R to take advantage of changes in technology of sound processing and functionality. I'm amazed at, and very happy with, the clear crisp natural reception under differing conditions, the Bluetooth connectivity to my phone with hands free operation, the phone App and the convenience of the rechargeable batteries.I wear my aids for around 16 hours a day and find them to comfortable and unobtrusive.
04:20 06 Oct 20
I was worried coming to Perth to find a new audiologist as I had great audiologist back in NZ. I went to other audiologists but weren’t suitable for me until I find Harmony Hearing. It’s the best decision and I would like to thank Andrew for his patience in the last 2 months and now I have a new pair of hearing aids. Really recommend this place.

Upfront & Low Prices on Name Brand Hearing Aids

To clearly show we have some of the best hearing aid prices on the latest name brand models in Australia we have developed our online store.

Please note: At Harmony Hearing we only provide the latest and best name brand hearing aids. We do not rebrand or 'White label' hearing aids to disguise technology levels or superseded models like many of the large chain dispensers do. With Harmony Hearing you can rest assured you are receiving the latest and best for your unique needs.

Know Your Hearing Aid Model:

Harmony Hearing's online shop enables you to see the very model of hearing aids you are being recommended and quoted on. You can avoid being mislead by companies that make up generic names for their categories of rebranded devices. Categories such as Super Elite, Elite or Gold to Bronze. They misrepresent their technology offering as being the same, when in fact they are rebranded and often superseded models. Such  "white labelling" is intentional to prevent you comparing "like for like".

"Upfront Low Prices on the BEST NAME BRAND Hearing Aids with Professional Services and a 5 Year Warranty!”

Affordable Best Value Pricing

Hearing Aids Purchased through Harmony Hearing come with 12 months of FREE After Care Including:

  • The Diagnostic Hearing Test
  • Gold Standard Hearing Aid Fitting with Real Ear Measurement Verification (REM's)
  • Enjoy thorough Coaching in the effective use and management of Hearing aids, Phone Apps and Accessories.
  • Maintenance Checks and Adjustments when you need them.
  • 12 months of consumables such as domes, wax filters and batteries
  • A 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee (100% money back)
  • Completely Free 2 Week Trials of the latest name brand hearing aids.

Harmony Hearing's ethical marketing practices

If you contact us for the first time, please let us know how you heard about Harmony Hearing. You may have performed a Google search for Audiologist near me or heard about us through word of mouth from a friend or family member. By monitoring our marketing efforts, we can determine what's working and what's is not.

At Harmony Hearing we do not believe in the using the interruption marketing practices that many of the large chain hearing aid dispensers engage in. They unscrupulously direct mail or cold call you having purchased a data base of your contact information. Or you may find yourself coerced into a sound proof booth when you just went for glasses. Some companies that claim to have upfront prices use generic names for their technology levels such as Super Elite, Elite or Gold, Silver, Bronze etc but do not show you the actual model of hearing aid you are being recommended. This makes it near impossible for you to compare "apples with apples" or know you are getting the latest hearing aid technology at an affordable price.

Instead we engage in attraction marketing where our track record of genuine client testimonials and word of mouth referrals works naturally. Our online shop clearly displays the actual models or hearing aids on offer with their respective prices for true transparency.

Best Audiologist Near You

We strive to be the most trusted and respected hearing care practice in Australia. Part of this success means being the best team and Audiologists near you. Our team includes our administration support staff called Client Service Officers (CSO’s). Their duties include the most common types of hearing aid repairs and upholding the processes involved in providing the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program (HSP). So if you are an eligible pensioner or veteran we can help you apply for a Hearing Services Voucher. Our highly experienced and accredited Audiologists are hearing aid specialists.

With four Harmony hearing clinics across the Perth metropolitan area you are likely to find one of our professionals near you. Our improving digital visibility means you are likely to find us simply by searching Audiologists Near me. We also readily appear for searches related to best independent Audiologist and best Audiologist Perth.

To emphasise an independent Audiologist or practice is one that is not owned by a specific hearing aid manufacturer or brand like most in Australia are. So we are free to provide unbiased health focused guidance. At Harmony Hearing we have a supply with most of the world leading hearing aid brands and can source their latest products and provide them at some of the most competitive hearing aid prices in Australia. Some of the best hearing aid brands we use include; Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Widex, Resound and Beltone.

Our Mission

At Harmony Hearing our mission is to provide access to high quality services and the most affordable prices on the best hearing aid technology available.

Whether you see us at one of our Hearing Clinics or by our Innovative Tele-Audiology (Remote Care) you will know you are receiving quality service and genuine care.

Our Values & Vision

Our core values are People First, Professionalism, Innovation and Trust.


Harmony Hearing News

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Results are out this week for a major collaborative study called the Aging and Cognitive Health Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE). The research took place over multiple sites over three years. The aim was to investigate the cognitive health in older adults at risk of cognitive decline. The study’s participants were carefully selected based on their…

Hearing Aids For Royalty

May 6, 2023

I was watching the Coronation of King Charles 3rd at Westminster Abbey this evening. I noticed that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby who placed the Crown on the new King was wearing a stylish pair of receiver in the canal style hearing aids. You do want to hear your best with style when talking with…

Client Reviews and Stories

We are very grateful for the reviews and interesting stories from our clients over 10+ years of practice.

“I can hear everything now!”

“I persevered with my failing hearing for many years. My wife was expressing her frustrations with having to constantly repeat herself. I also struggled in group settings and was reluctant to question what was being said!
About a month ago I saw Andrew at Harmony Hearing who conducted a thorough assessment and I was fitted with a pair of Oticon Opn S hearing aids. Since I got my hearing aids there’s been massive improvement. As a Vietnam veteran I attended a conference in mid October 2019 and for the first time ever I was able to hear exactly what was being said.
I found Andrew to be a total professional. He talked me through the options and let me trial a couple of sets and I thought the price was very good value. I can hear everything now.”

Frank Rauh

“I have my hearing back!”

“My World Has Changed For The Better – After searching online I came across Harmony Hearing. Instead of contacting them straight away I procrastinated yet again.
Finally after driving my family and friends mad, I took the plunge and made that initial appointment. It was their best thing I’ve done in a while.
After meeting Tony and listening to his advice on choosing the correct hearing aid that suited. I am totally happy. I have my hearing back.”

Yvonne Ender

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