Easy Tips to Increase the Life of your Hearing Aid Batteries

August 26, 2020

Follow these simple tips and you’ll extend the life of your batteries.

Hearing aid batteries can be costly and it’s important to increase their life as much as possible. 

Here are some easy tips to do just that:

1. Avoid exposure to high humidity and high temperature situations. These conditions will shorten your battery life. Don’t store batteries where they can be exposed to humidity or heat, such as the bathroom.

2. Turn your hearing aid/s off at night and when not in use.

3. Keep the battery away from moisture and metal objects. Don’t leave batteries loose in a pocket where they can come into contact with coins or keys.

4. Keep the air holes clean and free from dust. Only remove the tab off the air holes just prior to inserting the battery into your hearing aid, thus keeping the air holes open and clean. Also, minimise the handling of your batteries as skin oils can clog the air holes.

The most common hearing aid battery sizes are 312, size 13 and size 10. They all have tiny holes on the positive (flat surface) where as the bevelled side with the ring is the negative side. Once the protective sticker tab is peeled off the batteries will charge as they mix with air. Even if the hearing aid is switched off when opening the battery door the batteries will still gradually run down over time.

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