Hearing Loss Intervention Halves Cognitive Decline (The ACHIEVE Study)

July 23, 2023

Results are out this week for a major collaborative study called the Aging and Cognitive Health Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE). The research took place over multiple sites over three years. The aim was to investigate the cognitive health in older adults at risk of cognitive decline. The study’s participants were carefully selected based on their heightened susceptibility to cognitive impairment, and the intervention targeted their hearing capabilities. 

Remarkable results revealed that in older adults at risk of cognitive decline, hearing loss intervention slowed down loss of thinking and memory abilities by 48% over three years.

The hearing intervention being the effective use of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices to address age related hearing loss in the participants. By addressing hearing impairment, the intervention appeared to have a beneficial impact on cognitive function.

The link between hearing and cognitive health has been increasingly recognised, and the ACHIEVE study provided valuable evidence to support the importance of addressing hearing loss as part of a comprehensive approach to promoting cognitive well-being in the elderly population. The results reinforce the importance of identifying and addressing modifiable risk factors such as hearing impairment to support healthy aging.

This study has far reaching implications for public health policies, healthcare interventions and the overall well-being of the aging population. Further research and replication of these findings could help solidify the role of hearing intervention in cognitive health promotion in older adults. 

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