Starkey Hearing Aid Products

Leading American brand Starkey was founded in 1967 by William F. Austin who initially had a retail and repair shop for hearing aids. Starkey has its headquarters in

Eden Prairie Minnesota. Today they are one of the big 5 hearing aid manufacturers in the world that control more than 80% of the global hearing aid market. They invest heavily in research and development. According to Doctor of Audiology Abram Bailey Aud, they deliver “innovations in sound processing, wireless technologies, and miniaturization. Today, Starkey Hearing has more than 5,000 employees and operates in more than 100 countries.”

Starkey Hearing Aid Models

Starkey provide a range of hearing aids in all styles, technology and for all levels of hearing loss.  They were one of the first to innovate miniaturisation technology to make true custom invisible in the canal hearing aids (IICs). The Starkey Sound Lens being on the forefront of very small deep canal fitting hearing aids. They also produce excellent Receiver in the Canal (RIC) and Behind the Ear (BTE) style hearing aids.

starky hearing aids

The following timeline shows a progression of their hearing aid generations:

2018: Starkey Livio

2017: Starkeyt Halo iQ

2016: Starkey SoundLens Synergy, Starkey Muse, Starkey Halo 2

2015: Starkey Z Series

2014: Starkey Halo

2013: Starkey 3 Series

2011: Starkey Xino

Starkey Livio Edge AI:

Starkey Livio is the latest flag ship model hearing aid from leading American manufacturer Starkey. They state “Livio AI and Livio are our best sounding hearing aids.” Users can enjoy excellent sound quality and clarity even in the most complex listening environments with competing noise. Using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence the Starkey Livio AI can track brain and body health. Motion sensors detect if you have fallen and notify a loved one or carer.

Rechargeable (Option)

They come in styles that use either disposable batteries (Size 312 or 13) or built in Lithium Ion Rechargeable. The All-in-one charger holds enough charge to provide portable charging three times.  Starkey claims it is the smallest 2.4 GHz rechargeable RIC with streaming capability. There’s a smaller Mini Turbo Charger that gives 3.5 hours of wear time in just 7 minutes with x4 repeat charges.

Streaming Support from Apple and Android:

In addition they can stream Audio directly from both Apple iOS devices as well as Android*

Motion Sensors: 

Sensors that detect motion, gestures and activity are integrated into each hearing aid. Users can manage their health information via the Thrive App. This empowers users of all ages to take a pro-active approach to their wellness.

Set Reminders:

Personal reminders can be delivered in the ear or on screen such as for taking medications.

Tele-Care Support:

You can receive care anywhere with remote programming. Starkey’s new tele-health system is called “Hearing Care Anywhere”. This includes remote programming of the hearing aids. Ideal for convenient fine tuning to your unique communication environments.


Features & Benefits of Starkey Hearing Aids

Acuity Binaural Imaging:  ear to ear communication for collaborative decision making.

Acuity Lifescape analyser: seven automated sound classes for music, speech, speech in noise, industrial noise and quiet to handle multiple listening environments automatically.

Acuity Speech Optimisation: Through a combination of speech sound audibility, comfort through compression, expanded channels and broad bandwidth to access higher frequency speech cues maximises speech intelligibility whilst preserving listener comfort.

Quad Core Twin Compressor: Provides 5 times the processing power of previous platforms,up to 24 Channels with a peak output of 110dB. Has the small electronic packaging to facilitate very small hearing aid builds. Also allows music to sound richer and fuller.

Acuity Directionality: improves speech detection and separation in complex listening environments. Identifies and preserves speech signals from wherever they are coming from. Up to 6dB speech enhancement even when the speaker is behind the wearer.

Music Enhancement: Better preserves the natural ranges in music to enhance enjoyment.

900 Synch: Enables ear to ear phone call streaming.