How to change Oticon ProWax

March 15, 2019

In the following video we explain the importance of changing your Oticon hearing aids wax filters; Oticon wax filters are named ProWax and ProWax miniFit. They can also be called wax guards. It is recommeded to swap them out as soon as hearing aid performance declines. We also suggest to changing them quarterly just in case debris is building up and compromising their performance. Although this video demonstration pertains to receiver in the canal style (RIC) style hearing aids it is also relevant for Oticon custom in the ear style hearing aids (ITE, ITC, CIC and IIC) that also use Oticon pro Wax or Pro Wax mini.

Why is it important to change your Oticon Pro Wax?

Required for Optimal Performance

Debris building up in the tip of the receiver or speaker unit will inhibit the sound coming out. The sound will either dull down or cut out altogether. So when this happens it is essential to change them out for optimal performance of the hearing aids.

prevents damage to the sensitive speaker of the hearing aid. If it gets too full, the wax may get past it into the speaker.

If the filter is plugged with wax, it will also affect the sound, meaning you will not be getting the best sound possible.

Size and Oticon Brand Specific

The Oticon ProWax and ProWax miniFit are only compatible with certain Oticon hearing aid models. They also come in two different sizes. The ProWax being significantly larger than the ProWax miniFit. So be sure when you restock you request or purchase the correct size as should be guided by your professional hearing clinic.

We hope you enjoy the video.

How often should I change my Oticon ProWax?

The frequency of changing your Oticon ProWax or ProWax mini Fit filter will really depend on how quickly wax and debris builds up in your ear canals. This is unique for each individual. So some people may need to do it almost every other days whilst others can go months without having to changing. We recommend swapping them over for fresh one as soon as you notice any decline in performance or the hearing aid seems to have cut out all together. First just check its not just a flat battery. As a routine it’s a good idea to change the over every three months or quarterly just in case debris is building up and compromising their performance.

How to change Oticon Wax Guards

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