Is Phonak Marvel the Best Hearing Aid?

May 6, 2019

One has to wonder, Is Phonak Marvel the best Hearing Aid? They are the latest release from Phonak in November 2018. They are described as a multifunctional marvel. The big development is that they stream audio from almost any device that has bluetooth. Universally compatible because they use of bluetooth classic instead of a 3.4 GHz connection. The top of the line or Premium model is the Phonak Audeo M90. It comes in rechargeable or disposable battery versions. It has exceptional sound quality and universal connectivity. The audio streaming is high definition stereo sound.

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids
Phonak Marvel Best Hearing Aids


  • Exceptional Sound Quality. Described as clear, rich and comfortable Sound. In part to Phonak’s Autosense 3.0 Operating System. 
  • Stream high fidelity audio content including music, pod casts and more from any Bluetooth device.
  • Completely hands free Mobile Phone calls from Android and Apple iPhone. So, you hear the conversation clearly in both ears. Your voice is picked up by the microphones of the hearing aids and transmitted off. As a result you can have completely hands free phone calls. Simply answer and end your calls with a push of the hearing aid button.
  • A built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery enables up to 24 hours of wear time. So, you easily get a full day of hearing with many hours of audio streaming. As a result they are also much more convenient and easy to manage. Also more safe and environmentally friendly. For added convenience the hearing aids switch on upon removing them from the charging dock. They also switch off when placing them in the charger.
  • Phonak Remote Control App: For easy adjustments of volume and programs from your Phone.

Remote Support (Tele-Audiology)

The MyPhonak App allows your hearing aids to be adjusted in real-time. This can occur in a communication environment of your choice. As a result they are more optimised to your unique communication needs. This is an attribute of the best hearing aids.

  • The myCall to Text App enables live transcriptions of phone calls from the other party. It can do this in 80 languages.
  • High Definition T.V. Audio Streaming

So, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies with excellent sound quality. Another attribute on the Ultimate hearing aid. Phonaks AirStream enables Audiostreamng from the Phonak TV Connector straight through the Marvel hearing aids. 

As a result it’s like wearing wireless headphones with the audio is shaped to your hearing levels in each ear. Marvel hearing aids can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjust to give you an optimised sound quality.

How much do Phonak Marvel hearing aids cost?

At Harmony Hearing and Audiology our prices and service packages are upfront and transparent. You can see them on our online store here: Phonak Marvel M90-R Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Details:

  • Style: Receiver in the Canal (RIC)
  • Bluetooth & Wireless
  • Battery: Lithium Ion Rechargeable.
  • Warranty: 5 Year manufacturer warranty 
  • Loss/Damage: 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Smartphone App: iPhone, Android. 

For more information on Phonak Audéo Marvel please see the official Phonak Pro website:

There’s much to consider in selecting a best hearing aid. Whether it’s the best for you really depends on your unique needs. At Harmony Hearing we provide a free trial of any hearing aids we recommend. So you can experience the great benefits they can provide, risk free! Simply call us on 1800 020 406 or book via our online form

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