November 18, 2018

For those people who enjoyed going to concerts but were concerned about the impact the loud music would have on their hearing, it was about making a choice.

Today, however, there may be a way you can have both – hear the music without the muffling effects of earplugs and keep your hearing safe!

High fidelity ear plugs

Now there are hi fidelity earplugs that protect your hearing while protecting the sound quality of the music.

Old earplugs, made mostly of foam, would muffle many of the highs and lows of the music distorting the overall quality.

The high fidelity earplugs are made to lower the decibels evenly so the overall quality of sound is preserved.

According to Jay Clark, CEO and founder of Earpeace a company that manufactures these high fidelity earplugs, “Any time you’re at a nightclub and your ears are ringing, and you can hear a difference in the ways your ears are performing, you have incurred a small amount of hearing loss, and that’s permanent.”

The hope is that since young people represent the fastest growing segment of the

The hope is that these high fidelity earplugs will become common place especially with younger adults.

Since this is the group that has the fastest growing incidences of hearing loss, and since they are used to having things in their ears (earbuds) many believe these young adults will be more receptive to hearing protection.

Especially since that protection doesn’t get in the way of the music!

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