Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium hearing aid

Phonak Paradise Virto P70 Titanium Hearing Aid (Advanced)

From $2,995.00

Phonak Paradise Virto P70 custom hearing aids are made from titanium to be both strong and make for a more discrete fitting. The Virto P70 is considered the Advanced model in the range.

Hearing aids include:

  • 3 years of warranty (5 Years on Select Models)
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Services ~ Hearing Test, Fitting & Follow Ups as required.
  • 1 Year of Insurance for Loss and Damage Beyond Repair*
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (5% Price Beat Guarantee)
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Natural Sound Quality & Fully Automatic

Phonak Marvel Virto hearing aids provide the natural and clear sound quality the marvel range of hearing aids are renown for.  Simply set and forget and rest assured that Phonak’s AutoSense 3.0 automatically optimise the sound quality and noise filtering for different listening environments.

Virto M Titanium

Super discrete and titanium robust Virto M

Custom Fit & Made from Titanium

Phonak Virto hearing aids are custom shaped for an accurate, secure and comfortable fit in your ear canals. Biometric calibration uses over 1600 data points to precisely calibrate the custom shape to the anatomy of each of your ear canals.

The Virto M70 Titanium is Phonak’s Advanced model (second from the top). It features 4 Auto Sense Modes and 16 fine tuning channels for effective background noise filtering and accurate shaping of the amplification to your hearing levels in each ear.

The Virto Titanium invisible hearing aids is available across four levels of technology. The Marvel Titanium does not have any connectivity.

  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10 zinc air
  • Truly invisible IIC
  • Non Wireless
  • Omni-Directional

Some of the numerous advantages to making the shell of these custom hearing aids from Titanium include:

Extra strength leads to a more discrete fitting aid:

The extra durability obtained from using titanium enables a shell to be about half the thickness of ones made from traditional acrylic. This enables them to be made smaller and therefore can provide or deeper more discrete fit. They say it increases the invisibility fit rate by 64%.

They are more readily made Can be made as a true invisible in the canal hearing aids (iic). it is said that titanium provide about 15 x the strength of acrylic making them last longer and less prone to cracking.

Reduced Occlusion Effect (OE)

A deeper fit reduced the occlusion effect (That blocked sensation that also boosts up the boomy quality of ones own voice). This is because there’s reduced residual volume of air space between the ear drum and the tip of the in the canal hearing aid

Improves heat dissipation

Titanium improves the dissipation of body heat from the ear canal making for more comfortable wear for longer periods of time. There’s reduced ear sweating  and risk of moisture ingress that can damage electronic components.

Powerful New Sword 3.0 Chip

t features the sword 3.0 chip platform with over 42 million transistors on a chips of 6mm squared. This enabled it to have a relatively power consumption even when streaming using bluetooth classic. It is the bluetooth classic that enable them to pair with and stream audio from a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, computers and T.V.s.

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