Resound One 9 Hearing Aid

From $3,480.00

Resound ONE 9 is their top of the line premium model designed to provide the most comfort and clarity in noise. It is analogous to the Beltone Imagine 17 (Identical Technology). This technology level is suitable if you are socially active and simply want to follow the conversation in busy cafes and restaurants whilst minimising the invasiveness of background noise.



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Resound One 9 Hearing Aids are Exceptional

Resound is a leading hearing aid brand and part of the GN Hearing Group. They are one of the top five manufacturers. Their latest flagship model is called the Resound One. The One-9 is the Premium model and  has been designed to provide maximal comfort and clarity in competing noise environments. This model is ideal if you are socially active and want to follow conversation in complex listening environments such as outings to noisy cafe’s or restaurants.

Resound  One with M&RIE 

A new speaker design is called the M&RIE which stands for microphone and receiver in the canal. An additional microphone inside your ear canal picks up the sound that enters the ear naturally. This enables the hearing aid to account for the natural resonances of the ear (and ear canal). This means the hearing aid can more naturally reproduce the natural sound of the wearer’s ear. This new technology eliminates unnatural sound and delivers improved sound quality.

New M&RIE “gives each individual hearing aid user back their own ear acoustics that are lost with the microphones placed above the ear,” said Dr. Christensen. “Every listener hears differently depending on the shape of their own ear and using the M&RIE, the hearing aid user is able to listen with their own ear acoustics which dramatically impacts sound quality.”

Key Features

  • Made-For-iPhone (MFi)

  • Android streaming via ASHA

  • Hands-free calling via the Beltone PhoneLink 2

  • Smartphone app control

  • Remote programming support

  • Microphone in ear (New)

  • IP68 Rating (New)

  • Beamforming directionality (New)

Ultra Focus and CrossLink Directionality

A new feature of Imagine is that they can narrow the focus of the microphones input from both sides to have a narrow focus or become beam forming. This automatic focus activates when very poor signal to noise ratios are detected. i.e. the signal of desired speech to competing background noise is poor.

This enables the user to focus on the speech from the front whilst minimising the competing noise from the sides and behind. Compared to traditional directionality it provides up to 2 dB better signal-to-noise ratio.

Smartphone connectivity

Beltone was amongst the first to offer Made-for-iPhone connectivity. Imagine hearing aids allow bluetooth streaming from Android phones using the ASHA bluetooth protocol in select Android phones.

Wireless accessories and apps

Imagine hearing aids also work with Beltone’s 2.4 GHz Direct Line wireless accessories, including remote microphones, audio streaming devices for phones and TV’s, and handheld remote controllers.

The HearPlus app can be installed on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) and provides remote control capability.  It also allows high definition of audio streaming using a stable 2.4GHz signal.


The new Resound One rechargeable hearing aids have an integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The charging dock provides the charging over night. Their LED indicator lights show the charge status of the hearing aids. There’s also a premium charger that provides three additional charge cycles with it’s built in Lithium Ion power pack it has addition LED lights that indicate its charge status.


The Imagine family comes in eight colours to match skin and hair tones. Colours include: Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Deep Black, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, and Espresso Brown.

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Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Deep Black, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, Espresso Brown.


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