Best thing I’ve done in improving communication with my loved ones

Almost 2 years ago I was finding it very difficult to continue my work due to hearing loss. I was referred to a specialist to try and determine the cause of my hearing loss, however a MRI did not locate anything. It was suggested I make an appointment to see an Audiologist and arrange suitable hearing aids. I visited a number of Audiologists in the South metropolitan area and was amazed at the number of hearing aid makes, models, features and prices.

After some visits, I had a vague idea on my preferred make and model suitable for my needs. I was getting desperate as I was unable to continue to cover up my hearing loss at work…….lip reading in conference room settings is very difficult, stressful and risky.

I created a spreadsheet on all the Audiologists in the South Metropolitan area with their respective pricing, warranties, freebies such as batteries, insurance, appointments and assessments. Andrew Mackendrick from Harmony Hearing responded to my initial email on a weekend and I was in his clinic the following week trialling the new hearing aids. Harmony Hearing not only had the best price, they also exceeded in after sales servicing. Rachael at reception gives exceptional service arranging appointments and reminders.

I cannot thank Andrew and Rachel enough for assisting me in selecting the most suitable hearing aids and looking after me before, during and after the purchase, it’s been a great journey. I also purchased a Streamer which allows me to Bluetooth between my hearing aids and my mobile (Hands-free) also my TV.

Finally my family believe it’s the best thing I’ve done in improving communication with my loved ones!!