They make so much difference to my daily life

Good Morning Andrew,

I have held back until now the weeks end before writing to you. We are still going around in circles off of Barrow Island with a fully loaded Barge on tow. We were hoping to get notification from the Shore as to when we will go and give our barge over for unloading, As of yet we are still not on the movement sheet sent to us via satellite email every day. We do know we are number 3 in line for barge hand over and we hope its by the end of this coming week or early next. When we get our empty barge back its still 6 days to Henderson and when we get to know times a bit better I will send another email to let you know when I can expect to be in Fremantle and then come over to your office.

All is well with my Phonaks and I’m very pleased with how they work. Thank you for spending so much time with me and for the real good advise that has led up to me getting exactly the right units for my hearing needs. I must say and those around me say I should have seen you a couple a years ago and got fitted out all that time ago. They make so much difference to my daily life. I’m even hearing sounds long lost to me. Andrew Thank You for your advise and spending the time with me to make sure that every thing I would need to get me better hearing again came out right. So Much Appreciated. It has made a world of difference to the way I do things because I now know exactly whats going on around me. One Completely Satisfied Customer. I look forward to seeing you soon.