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Family owned & leading the way

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world and they are seen as a premium manufacturer of hearing aids. While the company is small, their impact has been felt throughout the industry. Since their beginning, they have very much followed their own philosophy. The Widex sound is famous across the world and it is said that a Widex hearing aid user will never be happy with any other hearing aid.

Widex are one of the few privately held hearing aid brands and they are still owned by the two families of the founders. They are a Danish company and their focus has always been on the development of hearing aid technology that makes a difference to users. Widex has always been at the forefront of the development of hearing aid technology. They were the first company to deliver a fully digital in the ear aid to the market in 1995. They also won the European Inventor award in 2012 for their CAMISHA technology (Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids) which is now used by every hearing aid manufacturer. This involves using 3D laser modelling to create an accurate model of a person’s ear to ensure perfect fitting.

They are also renowned for the quality and reliability of their hearing aids, their hearing devices have always been built to last. While they are by no means the biggest hearing aid manufacturer, they are among the very best. Widex very much follows their own path, they are not necessarily swayed by what other manufacturers do. For instance, they are focused right now on introducing a completely new way to power hearing aids using fuel cell technology. Every other manufacturer is focused on Lithium-ion powered rechargeable devices.

Evoke Hearing Aids

The Evoke is the newest top of the range hearing aids from Widex. The Evoke platform or E-Platform is the first ever range of hearing aids with machine learning capabilities. Although, the machine learning feature is only available on The Evoke Fusion 2 which is a direct connection or Made For iPhone hearing aid. In essence, it is one of the latest Bluetooth enabled hearing aids just like the Widex Beyond before it. Widex says that the Evoke begins the era of intelligent hearing, where the quality of your listening experience will evolve in real time and real life. With machine learning enabled, the Evoke range will continue to learn from you (and millions of others) as you use them so that you will hear sound perfectly.


The Evoke hearing aids evolve in real life to keep getting smarter.

Widex new SoundSense Technology means that every time you use EVOKE hearing aids, they evolve in their function. That’s why they call them the world’s first smart hearing aid. That’s because when you (and others across the world) personalise your listening experience, EVOKE learns from different situations and your inputs. Widex uses anonymous data from your changes to create a better listening experience for everyone. That means that the hearing aids you buy will be better tomorrow than they were today.

Machine Learning Hearing Aids

The Evoke range is the very first range of hearing aids to take advantage of machine learning. As more and more people use the system, powerful machine learning systems will crunch the data to understand what changes are best for differing sound situations. As the system works, the findings will be used for new settings on the Evoke range that are automatically pushed out as new firmware updates. In this way, your input with the Evoke app will mean that your hearing aids will perform better as time goes on.


Two New Sound Classes and Two New Programmes

Widex introduced sound classes with the Unique hearing aid platform, with the Evoke they have added new Social and Music sound classes in response to what they have learned about the changing needs of hearing aid users. The new Social sound class bridges the gap between their Party and Quiet classes. It is designed to give the best sound in smaller social gatherings.

They have been very clever with the new music sound class, it changes to accommodate different styles of music: Contemporary and Classical. The Evoke also includes two new programs, an Impact program for listening in challenging situations, and they have re-introduced their dedicated Comfort program which they removed on the Unique.


Widex Evoke Features

Wind Noise Attenuation: Only available on the 440 level
High-Frequency Boost: Only available on the 440 level
Wind noise control
Sound class technology: Up to 11 interear automatic situations
High Pitch Boost: A high-frequency boost for frequencies above 4000 Hz in the new hearing aids are designed to provide extra audibility while ensuring subjective comfort.
Sound Sense Machine Learning: This hearing aid employs machine learning to bring a higher degree of computer-aided intelligence to decision making.
SoundSense Adapt: Adaptive learning to gradually remember the wearers preferred settings across multiple parameters for each sound class environment, resulting in better sound.
Processing channels: 15 channels
Direct Stereo Audio Streaming: Direct audio streaming from an iPhone (Fusion 2 model only)
Listening programs: 5 programmes max
High Definition Locator (Automatic Adaptive Directionality): in 15 channels
Speech Enhancer: Real time interear
Digital Pinna: Available on 440 models
Phone+: Available on the 440
TruSound Softener: Available on 440
Preference Control: Available on all levels
Reverse focus program: Available on 440
FreeFocus (via COM-DEX app): Available on 440
Multi-directional Active Feedback Cancelling: Interear
Zen/Zen+: Available on 440
Variable Speed Compression: Available on 440
True-Input Technology: Available on all levels
Soft Level Noise Reduction: Available on all levels
Audibility Extender: Available on all levels
Hammer Detector: Available on all levels
SmartSpeak/SmartTone: Available on all levels

Evoke Hearing Aid Types & Sizes

There are several sizes of behind the ear model and three in the ear models available. The Passion is the slim, attractive behind the ear receiver-in-canal model and is suitable for most hearing losses. It has no manual controls so can only be adjusted by remote control or app.

The Fusion is the larger, more powerful behind the ear model which also features a push button for program changing. The Fusion 2 is the Made For iPhone hearing aid model which will give you access to the machine learning feature. The Fashion comes in three types, the Fashion mini which is a discrete mini-BTE, the Fashion, which covers hearing loss down to severe and the Fashion Power which covers hearing losses down to severe to profound.

Of the three in the ear models, one is the standard sized in-the-ear, one is the CIC or completely-in-the-canal. The smallest is the CIC-M which is Widex’s equivalent of an IIC or invisible-in-the-canal. Being so small, some features had to be cut from this model, mainly anything requiring wireless communication which this aid cannot fit in.

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