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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is the sixth largest manufacturers of digital hearing aids in the world. This Danish company is a world leader and patents many industry leading innovations. In 1995 they introduced the very first digital completely in the ear canal hearing aid.

In 2018 Widex merged with Sivantos (who own Rexton, Signia, Audible, HearUSA, Hear.com and TruHearing) which  was an $8 billion dollar merger and formed the worlds third largest hearing corporation.  Widex then launched their new Widex Evoke hearing aids which incorporates machine learning technology.

Widex hearing aids are renown for quality and reliability of their hearing aids. Also for their relatively natural sound quality.

Widex Moment Hearing Aids.

The Widex Moment Hearing Aids were launched in Australia in late 2020 and are the current flag ship models. They are the first to have Zero Delay digital signal processing which results in a natural listening experience. They have eliminated the echo'e sound quality as the processed sound reaches the ear drum at the same time as the incident natural sound.

There are four technology levels being the Moment 440 (Premium or Top of the line model), Moment 330 (Advanced), Moment 220 (Midrange) and Moment 110 (Basic or Entry level model.)

The style of Moment Hearing Aids is either a Receiver in the Canal (RIC) or custom fitting in the canal model (ITC).

Widex Moment

Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

The superseded Widex hearing aid product was called the Evoke. The Evoke 440 being the premium level item in Widex’s “Evoke Range” is based on the Evoke Platform—otherwise known as an E-Platform.

And The Evoke Fusion 2 uniquely includes the capacity for machine learning. It contains a feature which enables the user to connect it directly to an iPhone.

Similarly to the previous Widex Beyond model, it is the latest model hearing aid to be Bluetooth enabled.

According to Widex, this signals a whole new phase in intelligent hearing wherein your listening experience improves over time—in real life situations, as and when they arise.

It is a real evolution in hearing technology.

When you choose to activate machine learning, the Evoke hearing aids continuously learn from you (just as they do from countless other people) to let you hear sounds flawlessly.

You can take a look at the full range of Widex hearing aids here.

Our range of Evoke Hearing Aids advance in real time and real life: a big leap forward in intelligent hearing.

As you use Evoke hearing aids over time, they develop their capability to help you hear better and better.  This is done through the new SoundSense Technology unique to Widex.

It’s also the reason they are deemed the first smart hearing aid in the world.

As you (and other people throughout the world) set personal settings to create a tailored listening experience, the input is gathered by EVOKE—to learn from the inputs made across various life situations.

Please note that the data from you and from all others using these devices is gathered anonymously. And the net effect is a better hearing experience for everybody.

Another way of looking at it is that the hearing aid you initially purchase become increasingly better with each passing day.

Hearing Aids with Machine Learning Capabilities

The Evoke range of hearing aids is the first to have its functions enhanced through machine learning.

With an increased number of people using The Evoke devices, the individual data interfaces with a high-powered processing system.

In this way, the system interprets what adjustments are optimal for any given sound situation as conditions vary in day-to-day life.

As the system functions, the received data is fed back to adjust settings on The Evoke range, and integrated into subsequent firmware updates.

So as you interface with the Evoke app, your hearing aid will improve with use across time.

Two New Programmes along with Two New Sound Classes


There are two new sound classes integrated into the unique Widex hearing aid platform: social and music. This is a result of the learnings about changing listening needs based on real-world hearing aid user inputs.

The Social sound class is another refinement within the spectrum of Quiet and Party sound classes. It is created to provide the ideal listening experience when in smaller social situations.

As for the new Music sound class, this is a refinement which takes into account varying music styles: Classical and Contemporary.

As well as this, two new programs have been introduced to The Evoke range: an Impact program designed for listening in challenging situation, as well as the Comfort program, a re-introduced feature.


Evoke 440 Prices in Australia

We would expect the Evoke 440 range to be sold at prices from £1700.00 to £2200.00 in the UK depending on the Practice and location.

[Andrew, please insert Australian prices and in relation to Australia above]

We would expect the range to be sold at prices from €2400.00 to €3000.00 in Ireland. We would expect the range to be sold at prices from US$2400.00 to US$3200.00 in the USA.

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Widex Evoke 440 Features

  • Technology – Sound Class: 11 automatic interear situations
  • High-Frequency Pitch Boost: for frequencies 4000 Hz and over. The hearing aids are created to give additional audibility while still providing comfort for the user.
  • Control over Wind Noise.
  • Sound Sense Adapt: Over time, the device memorises the user’s setting preferences over many different parameters for every sound class environment, thus improving the sound.
  • Sound Sense Machine Learning: This hearing aid uses machine learning to provide next-level computer-adided smart technology to aid decision making.
  • Direct Stereo Audio Streaming: from iPhones (only with Fusion 2)
  • Processing channels: 15 channels available
  • Up to five listening programs
  • High-Definition Locator: an automatic directionality which is adapative and available in 15 different channels
  • Preference Control
  • Speech enhancer: real time interear
  • Multi-directional Active Feedback Cancelling: Interear
  • Soft Level Noise Rerduction
  • True-Input Technology
  • Audibility Extender
  • Hammer Detector
  • SmartTone / SmartSpeak


The following features are available only on 440:

  • High Frequency Boost
  • Attenuation of Wind Noise
  • Phone+
  • Digital Pinna
  • Preference Control
  • TruSound Softener
  • Reverse focus program
  • Zen/Zen+
  • FreeFocus (through the COM-DEX app
  • Variable Speed Compression


Evoke 440 Hearing Aid Sizes and Types

For behind-the-ear models, three sizes of Evoke 440 hearing aids are available.

Firstly, The Passion is a slender, discreet behind the ear receiver-in-canal model which suits most hearing loss levels.  This small model can be operated by remote control or app as it does not contain manual controls. The Passion is the CIC-M, which is the equivalent of an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC). Given its small size, some features could not be included in this model as they could not fit in— most notably the requirements of wireless communication.

The bigger, stronger behind the ear model is The Fusion.  It features a push button program for adjustments.

The Fashion is the largest of the over the ear models and is mainly for people who want or need a full ear-mould.

Of the last two models, one is the standard-sized in-the-ear and the other is the completely-in-the-canal (or CIC).

Widex Evoke Machine Learning

Machine Learning Hearing Aids

The Evoke range is the very first range of hearing aids to take advantage of machine learning.

As more and more people use the system, powerful machine learning systems will crunch the data to understand what changes are best for differing sound situations.

As the system works, the findings will be used for new settings on the Evoke range that are automatically pushed out as new firmware updates.

In this way, your input with the Evoke app will mean that your hearing aids will perform better as time goes on.

Two New Sound Classes and Two New Programmes

Widex introduced sound classes with the Unique hearing aid platform, with the Evoke they have added new Social and Music sound classes in response to what they have learned about the changing needs of hearing aid users.

The new Social sound class bridges the gap between their Party and Quiet classes. It is designed to give the best sound in smaller social gatherings.

They have been very clever with the new music sound class, it changes to accommodate different styles of music: Contemporary and Classical.
The Evoke also includes two new programs, an Impact program for listening in challenging situations, and they have re-introduced their dedicated Comfort program which they removed on the Unique.

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