Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone is a leading global hearing aid brand and part of the GN Hearing group which is one of the top 5 in the worlds. They were founded in 1940 and have large number of retail outlets throughout North America. They are now sold in over 40 countries and suit people with all levels of hearing loss and style preferences.

In recent years Beltone has received awards for its hearing aids, user friendly accessories and smartphone Apps. The brand has become renown for its high quality, reliability and innovations including Android audio streaming technology.

Beltone hearing aid models

Beltone hearing aids offer a variety of hearing aid styles to suit peoples hearing levels, lifestyle and cosmetic preferences. Styles include:

  • Invisible-in-canal (IIC)
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC)
  • In-the-canal (ITC)
  • In-the-ear (ITE)
  • Receiver-in- Canal (RIC)
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Beltone hearing aid reviews

Beltone Imagine

Beltone the sister company of Resound is a leading global hearing aid brand and part of the GN Hearing Group being one of the top five manufacturers.

Beltone's Imagine 17 is their top of the line premium model designed to provide the most comfort and clarity in noise. It is analogous to the Resound One (Identical Technology).

This technology level is suitable if you are socially active and simply want to follow the conversation in busy cafes and restaurants whilst minimising the invasiveness of background noise.

The great sound quality helps with music enjoyment, TV listening and phone conversations. You can stream you phones calls from both iPhone and ASHA enabled Android devices.

Beltone Imagine with M&RIE 

A new speaker design is called the M&RIE which stands for microphone and receiver in the canal. The speaker unit or receiver includes a third microphone on the speaker unit that sits deep inside the ear canal.

The microphone in the ear canal picks up the sound that enters the ear naturally. This enables the hearing aid to account for the natural resonance of the ear (and ear canal). This means the hearing aid can more naturally reproduce the natural sound of the wearer's ear.  Beltone claims the new technology improves sound localization, wind noise reduction, and sound quality ratings.

This new technology eliminates unnatural sound and delivers improved sound quality.

Beltone imagine with M&RIE

Key Features

  • Made-For-iPhone (MFi)

  • Android streaming via ASHA

  • Hands-free calling via the Beltone PhoneLink 2

  • Smartphone app control

  • Remote programming support

  • Microphone in ear (New)

  • IP68 Rating (New)

  • Beamforming directionality (New)

Ultra Focus and CrossLink Directionality 3

A new feature of Imagine is that they can narrow the focus of the microphones input from both sides to have a narrow focus or become beam forming. This automatic focus activates when very poor signal to noise ratios are detected. i.e. the signal of desired speech to competing background noise is poor.

This enables the user to focus on the speech from the front whilst minimising the competing noise from the sides and behind. Compared to traditional directionality it provides up to 2 dB better signal-to-noise ratio.

Smartphone connectivity

Beltone was amongst the first to offer Made-for-iPhone connectivity. Imagine hearing aids allow bluetooth streaming from Android phones using the ASHA bluetooth protocol in select Android phones.

Wireless accessories and apps

Imagine hearing aids also work with Beltone’s 2.4 GHz Direct Line wireless accessories, including remote microphones, audio streaming devices for phones and TV’s, and handheld remote controllers.

The HearMax App.

The HearMax App can be installed on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) and provides remote control capability.  It also allows high definition of audio streaming using a stable 2.4GHz signal.


The new Imagine Rechargeable hearing aids have an integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The charging dock provides the charging over night. Their LED indicator lights show the charge status of the hearing aids. There's also a premium charger that provides three additional charge cycles with it's built in Lithium Ion power pack it has addition LED lights that indicate its charge status.

Technology Levels:

Beltone Imagine comes in four technology levels and associated price points. This gives flexibility in matching the tech level with your lifestyle, communication needs and budget. The levels are Imagine 17 (Premium- top of the line), Imagine 9 (Advanced), Imagine 6 (mid-range) and Imagine 4 (Basic).


The Imagine family comes in eight colours to match skin and hair tones. Colours include: Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Deep Black, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, and Espresso Brownc

The Beltone Amaze hearing aids

Beltone Amaze is the name of the other leading model from Beltone. It comes in three technology levels as the Amaze 17, Amaze 9 and Amaze 6. It can also connect to devices such as smartphones or television. Their new chip platform doubles the memory and speed of the former models and are more energy efficient with longer battery life. They also come in all styles with a choice of rechargeable and disposable battery models.

Amazing Attributes:

  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Made-for-iPhone and Android wireless connectivity
  • Speech in noise recognition
  • Background and wind noise reduction
  • Automatic volume control
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Ear-to-ear synchronisation
  • Automatically adaptive directional microphones

Beltone Boost Ultra hearing aids

The Beltone Boost Ultra hearing aids are Behind the Ear (BTE) devices for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Made to enhance speech clarity even in competing noise environments. They connect directly with Apple and Android phones and can stream audio directly through both hearing aids into your ears. You can use the HearMax App to adjust your settings. Boost hearing aids offer a full, rich and natural sound quality. Enhanced features include:

  • Increased battery life
  • Increased environmental awareness
  • Stream audio directly to hearing aids
  • Automatic volume control
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Ear-to-ear synchronisation
  • Speech in noise recognition
  • Wind and background noise reduction

Beltone hearing aid accessories:

  • Beltone TV Link 2: Connects to most audio devices and wirelessly streams audio to your hearing aids.
  • Beltone myPAL Micro and myPAL Pro: Small microphones clip are worn by the speaker and the audio is streamed to your hearing aids.
  • Beltone Remote Control: Remote control with large push-buttons adjusting hearing aid settings.
  • Beltone Remote Control 2: Changes the volume of one or both hearing aids, adjust settings or switch between audio sources.
  • Beltone Phone Link 2: Hear phone calls in your hearing aids. The Beltone SmartRemote app and Phone Link 2 can also change your smartphone into an inconspicuous remote control.
  • Sound Therapy app and Tinnitus Calmer app: Provides relief for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) through masking sounds.

What is the cost of Beltone hearing aids.

Our Beltone hearing aid prices are up front and transparent. There's flexibility based on the aftercare package chosen as well as the technology level.  Please see our online store:



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