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Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

GN ReSound was founded in 1943 and has offices in more than 25 countries. The company has recently been through a restructuring and rebranding. They are now called GN Hearing, but everyone will refer to them as Resound for quite a while.

ReSound have developed many innovations during their time in the industry. Such things as “Wide Dynamic Range Compression or WDRC” and “Digital Feedback Suppression” which was the first system to effectively eliminate howling and sound distortion. They were also the first hearing aid brand to deliver an open fit hearing aid, something that is now ubiqitous across the industry.

They have also developed an open-standard digital chip that gives more flexibility with programming. Resound are well known for innovation within the hearing aid space and they were the very first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce Made For iPhone hearing aids in 2014. They have developed that platform since then with two further upgrades on the concept.

They were the first brand to offer in the ear Made For iPhone hearing aids and in fact were the only brand to do so until late 2018 when Oticon and Bernafon introduced theirs. All in all, Resound is an excellent hearing aid brand with truly excellent hearing aids. If you are looking for a direct connection device, that offers direct connection to wireless accessories and iPhones and iPads, well then Resound is an ideal brand.


Resound Linx Quattro

A Rechargeable Made For iPhone Hearing Aid

GN Hearing have just introduced a brand new product which they are calling the Linx Quattro. The device represents a new product offering and also a new technology level. They are calling the devices a Premium Plus offering and they will sit on top of their current ranges as opposed to replacing them. That means that the Linx 3D will continue to be available. This is an interesting move from Resound and it is the first time they have really done something like this since the very first days of the Linx in 2014.

Two Hearing Aid Models

The Quattro is not a full model platform, at present, they have just introduced the new platform with two receiver in canal devices. Firstly, the rechargeable hearing aids look pretty discreet. The Lithium-ion version is based on the LT-61 device which is Resound’s smallest RIC hearing device. The devices look very like the normal LT-61 but the bottom is flaired to hold the Lithium-ion powerpack. Quattro is also available in an LT-62 version which is the slightly larger RIC hearing aid from Resound. This version uses traditional hearing aid batteries.

The charger for the rechargeable device is both a desktop charger and a carry case for the devices. The charger holds its own charge and can be used for recharging the hearing aids on the go. The charger is an intelligent charger with an auto off and on function for the hearing aids. It also offers clearly visible LEDs that allow you q quick understanding of the charge state of the hearing aids. The charger seems very well designed and appears to be pretty sturdy.

A New Chipset

Resound say they are using a completely new chipset for the Quattro and this fact has allowed them to do things differently than they have with the LiNX 3D. They say that they have basically re-written everything that they do in their hearing aids because the faster more powerful chip offers so much more benefit. One of the things they seem to have used it for is a new type of directionality, on top of that they have saved power consumption by 20% on the LiNX 3D. They have also used it to increase the dynamic range of the devices, this allows a more normal use of sound inputs. It means that louder sounds won’t become distorted because they won’t be compressed on input.


The New Directionality System

While details here are sparse, it appears that they have given greater emphasis to the speech signal from any direction and allowed their noise reduction to work between those speech signals. They say that it will deliver a more normal sense of sound in noisier environments.


Better Bluetooth Connection

The newly redesigned wireless radio will make the direct connection to iPhones more stable. This is a bugbear for many people who wear Made For iPhone hearing aids, losing connectivity is a pain. Resound generally delivers a pretty stable connection, but any improvement here will be welcomed by users. With a bigger dynamic range and wider frequency bandwidth, music should sound really good.

LiNX 3D Hearing Aids

The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Platform

The Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids are the top of the range, Made For iPhone hearing aid technology from GN Resound. They offer the pinnacle of Resound technology and will deliver outstanding results even in very complex sound situations. As is common with Resound, along with the launch of their major platforms they launch something new and innovative. In the case of the LiNX 3D it is a whole new way to experience hearing care. The original ReSound LiNX allowed users to adjust their own settings as they went, but with the new LiNX 3D, they can request assistance wherever they are directly from their mobile app, and their hearing professional can make all the adjustments necessary. Let’s take a high-level view of the Resound LiNX 3D range

The ReSound LiNX 3D includes GN Hearing’s 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and 3rd generation binaural directionality. They say it will provide users with “clear, natural sound, exceptional speech understanding and the best sense of where sounds are coming from.” There are eleven different hearing aid models in three levels of technology.

– It is up to 50% better at identifying speech across various environments
– It enables users to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around them, and
– It enables users to understand up to 40% more speech in noise

When connected to the brand new apps that have been designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, users will be able to access custom control features for the hearing aid. There is also built-in guidance steps to understand both the hearing aids and the software, there is also coaching assistance to get the most out of the hearing aids. When compared to competitors, the company said that the ReSound LiNX 3D and companion app are up to 50 percent better at identifying speech across various environments, enable users to hear up to 80 percent more of the sounds around them, and enable users to understand up to 40 percent more speech in noise.

Resound Enzo 3D Hearing Aids

A Solution For Severe To Profound Hearing Loss From Resound

Resound have just launched their latest hearing device for people with severe to profound hearing loss. They have updated Enzo Made For iPhone (MFI) hearing aids with their new 3D platform which brings all of the benefits of that new system to this market. Those benefits include better spatial awareness and much better speech understanding in noise. With Made for iPhone® technology, you can stream phone calls, music and more from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch® directly to your hearing aids. If you have an Android or any Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can still stream calls, music and more with a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+ wireless accessory.


Vibrant and crystal clear sound

Like the LiNX 3D range from ReSound, Enzo 3D hearing aids come with the superior sound quality of Surround Sound by ReSound. They work together, continuously exchanging data about your sound environment for optimized performance. The hearing aids are available in three levels of technology, the top of the range 9, the 7 and the 5.


Two Models, Huge Power

There are two hearing aid models in the range both of which are Behind The Ear hearing aids and both of which are extremely powerful. The BTE 88 is the smaller of the two and takes a size 13 battery. The BTE 98 is larger but takes the 675 battery that many people with this hearing loss are used to.

The 98 is also more powerful than the 88, although not by much. However, Resound say that the 98 will get twelve days of use on the 675 battery, that’s fantastic battery life for a smart hearing aid.

Resound Assist is the really big news for both Providers and Users. Resound Assist will allow your provider to adjust your hearing aids remotely. That means if you want adjustments on the go, they can be provided without you having to attend the clinic. The system is really easy to use and is quite intuitive. This might not be for everyone, but this feature will be a godsend for the people who love it. It will allow them complete freedom over their experience, over their customer experience.


The App, Resound Smart 3D

The accompanying app also allows you personalise your hearing experience in a deeper way. It has been re-designed to be more intuitive and easier to use and it offers real control. When more clarity is needed, patients can increase speech focus, reduce noise and even reduce wind noise. Again, this might not be for everyone, but for those who want it, it will enrich their experience. This has to be seen as an excellent thing.

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