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5 Tips To Make Socializing Easier For People With Hearing Loss

February 9, 2020

How Hearing Loss is Isolating Many people with hearing loss often suffer from isolation due to the difficulty they experience trying follow conversation. This isolation can be gradual like the insidious nature of hearing loss itself.Our high frequency hearing sensitivity typically declines first. This is usually due to natural physiological changes and mechanical ‘wear and…

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Is Phonak Marvel the Best Hearing Aid?

May 6, 2019

One has to wonder, Is Phonak Marvel the best Hearing Aid? They are the latest release from Phonak in November 2018. They are described as a multifunctional marvel. The big development is that they stream audio from almost any device that has bluetooth. Universally compatible because they use of bluetooth classic instead of a 3.4…

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Connect directly to all Bluetooth devices

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids, Outstanding Success, Well Received

February 17, 2019

Phonak Marvel hearing aids have been amazingly well received by both Professionals and Users alike across the world. Our own experiences have been outstanding and there is some excellent reviews of the devices online already.

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