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    As an independent Audiology practice we offer some of the best hearing aid prices in Australia. We include comprehensive service and aftercare to ensure the greatest long term benefits. We source hearing aids from the world’s best manufacturers including; Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Siemens Signia, Starkey, GN Resound and Widex.

    Buying a Hearing Aid

    Purchasing a hearing aid is a big decision. It will determine your hearing and communication ability, quality of sound and comfort all day, every day for years to come. The lifetime of a hearing aid can be up to about 10 years, after 8 it becomes difficult to get it repaired if it fails. 


    We believe that even the best hearing aids will perform only as well as they are fitted and maintained. Like a performance motor vehicle, your hearing aids will only perform as well as they are serviced and maintained. Maintenance is a team effort on part by your clinician, but also your good habits as a hearing aid user. 


    Quality coaching and fine tuning is required on an ongoing basis to maximise beneficial outcomes. Many online hearing aid dispensers (with no true hearing clinics of their own) are happy to foster a misleading belief that all you need is to have your hearing aids programmed to your hearing test and that’s it, all’s fixed. Such dispensers focus on cheapness or discount hearing aids as it is their only point of difference They really don’t offer any true personal service of their own and relinquish this responsibility off to what they call a ‘partner clinic.’


    So Much More Than Lowest Hearing Aid Price

    While price is important you have to keep in mind that you are not just buying a product, but you are also entering into a service relationship. The trust, confidence and relationship you have with your Audiologist is very important.There are also practical considerations including hearing clinic location, availability of appointments and opening hours.


    How much do Hearing Aids cost?

    We believe it pays to shop around and do your research. There can be a big disparity in hearing aid prices across this relatively unregulated industry. Obnoxiously cheap online stores provide little to no service or after sales support. They charge around $6000 for a pair of top end premium hearing aids without service. Outrageously expensive corporate chains usually hide their inflated prices until the vulnerable uninformed client is in their clinic. They can charge up to $14,000 for a pair of top end premium hearing aids. Be wary of their aggressive direct marketing methods which can include direct mail and cold calling.


    Going for the Cheapest Price?

    It can be attractive just to go for the cheapest option. The most important question you have to ask your-self is, “is it like for like?” What service will be offered? Are the hearing aids the latest technology?

    The cheapest price is not always the best option. You need to be clear about the facts surrounding that price inclusive of the service and aftersales conditions included.


    Here’s a summary of information we think it’s important to try to find out up front:

    •        The service package included if “bundled” in with the hearing aids price. How long do I attain service for? (Can vary from a day to years with different providers) 
    •        The duration of warranty (Can range from 1 to 5 years)
    •        Is there any Insurance included for Loss or Damage beyond repair? 
    •        Turn- around time for repairs. (Can interim loan hearing aids be borrowed if my hearing aids are away for repair?)
    •        Are batteries, domes, wax filters and ot\her accessories included. (How many)
    •        Will you be fitted by a University Trained, Registered and Experienced Audiologist or just a hearing aid salesman?
    •        Do they have professional clinics or centres with support staff that are open & readily available for ‘walk in’ assistance. (Necessary for spontaneous repairs, for parts and maintenance.)
    •        Do they offer multi-brand trials and satisfaction guarantee. (Look for a minimum 30 days trial to account for adaptation)
    •         Are they independent i.e. not the retail arm of a hearing aid manufacturer and therefore can offer genuine informed choice.(Look for members of Independent Audiologists Australia - IAA)

    White Label Hearing Aids

    As described by world authority Geoffrey Cooling in his The Little Book of Hearing Aids.“Some corporate providers offer white label hearing aids. White label hearing aids are devices made by manufacturers with a special label.” Geoff describes that he understands the commercial reason why they are used is that it makes them hard to analyse for the consumer. “To make it difficult to do like for like comparison. It is easy for a dispenser to say oh they are the same as such and such even if they aren’t.” 

    They may be made by the same manufacturer but how are you to know exactly what they are? Such as what level of technology they truly are or whether they are the latest generation. Why do they need to hide or rename the brand and models in the first place?


    As you can see there is a vast amount of information to consider and a good independent practice and clinician will educate you and help you on the journey to making informed choice.

    At Harmony Hearing we enjoy educating you on your hearing and communication needs and the style of hearing aid that will maximise benficial outcome. Why not call today and take advantage of our market leading prices and risk free trials. By helping you attain great benefit and enjoy using the hearing aids we fit you are more likely to recommend your friends and loved ones that may also need a check up or help with their hearing. 

    Here's a little formulae for success

    Quality Hearing Aids + Professional Service + Comprehensive Aftercare = Maximal Hearing Aid Benefit


    Facilitating Adaptation

    We understand that settling in with using hearing aids is part of a rehabilitation process that takes time as you adapt or acclimatise. Research shows that people adapt to amplification over time at different rates. First time users make take a little longer to acclimatise to the changes sound quality and amplified sounds compared to more experienced wearers.  For first time users we usually set the hearing aids at an introductory level of amplification and increment it up as you are ready. It can take several months or more before a first time user is ready or wants the full prescription. We tailor our care plans to suit the needs and preferences of each unique individual. My point is that companies that advocate a "Fit and Go" approach to hearing aid dispensing really don't have your best outcomes at heart. They are merely chasing the quick easy sale. So you really do need ready available access to a real Hearinig clinic and Audiologist to make the necessary adjustments as when you are ready.


    Offering some of the Best Hearing Aid Prices in Australia

    Over the years, we have negotiated intensively with suppliers of best brand hearing aids to lower their supply costs to us. Today we are able to offer some of the best hearing aid prices in Australia, whilst still maintaining our industry leading service and aftercare.

    Our clients are typically very pleased to have their hearing and communication ability greatly improved, whilst saving between $3000 and $6000 on the same top brand hearing aids found available at other major hearing clinics. Being independent means we can offer real choice of the latest hearing aids from all leading manufacturers including; Oticon, Phonak, GN Resound, Siemens Signia, Unitron, Starkey, Widex and Bernafon. Please see the following table for some popular new models, their prices and approximate savings that can be expected per pair.

    Our Best Hearing Aid Price Ranges

    Technology Level

    Our Prices (Each)

    Save Up To

    Popular Hearing Aid Models


    $2,990 - $3450

    $ 6000+ Per Pair

    Oticon Opn 1

    Siemens Signia Pure 7Nx

    Phonak Audeo Marvel M90

    Unitron Moxi Pro


    $2,650 - $3250


    Oticon Opn 2

    Siemens Signia Pure 5 Nx

    Phonak Audeo Marvel M90

    Unitron Moxi ALL 800

    Mid Range

    $2,450 - $2650


    Oticon Opn 3

    Siemens Signia Pure 3 Nx

    Phonak Audeo Marvel M90

    Unitron Moxi Tempus 700


    $ 1450 -$1950


    Oticon Siya

    Siemens Signia Pure 2 Nx

    Phonak Audeo Marvel M30

    Unitron Moxi 600


    $ 850 - $1,350


    Oticon Nera Pro

    Widex Beyond Z 110

    Unitron Moxi 500


    Technology Levels & Hearing Aid Prices

    Leading hearing aid brands develop different levels of technology with different price points. There is a legitimate feature set that improves the sound quality and performance in background noise as you go up the technology levels. For example the Premium Oticon Opn 1 hearing aid has a wider band width of 10KHz and 64 digital processing channels compared to Advanced Opn 2 which has an 8KHz bandwidth and 48 digital processing channels. 


    Wider Bandwidth Benefits

    The higher frequency 10KHz bandwidth of Oticon Opn 1 enables the user to access higher frequency speech cues (or harmonics) which in competing noise provides further separation of the speech from the noise. This further reduces listening effort and improves localisation of where sounds are coming from. 


    64 Vs 48 Digital Processing Channels

    A higher number of digital processing channels enables a more accurate shaping of the amplification to the individuals hearing levels across the frequency range. 64 Channels offers surgical precision when it comes to affecting overall sound.

    With more digital processing channels the hearing aids also have more opportunity to differentiate the desired speech sounds in each frequency band or channel from the more erratic competing background noise. They can therefore enhance the desired signal (speech) to noise ratio more effectively. By hearing aid standards even 48 Channels is a relatively high number.


    I typically encourage people to go for the best level of technology they can within their budget as I emphasise this is your hearing for year to come. Even people who aren’t very socially active can benefit from the more natural, richer sound quality even if just for watching TV. 


    Our Best Hearing Aid Price Guarantee

    We work hard to offer you the best value hearing aids in Australia. We think it is unlikely you will find a better price on hearing aids with comprehensive service then with us. However, to honour our best price guarantee we request you provide a written quote from another Australian provider with similar aftercare conditions as we’ll better it for you. 


    Why are Hearing Aid Prices at Harmony so much lower than at other clinics? 

    As a smaller independent Australian family owned business we aren't encumbered with top heavy marketing and management costs. We have also build trusting relationships with globally reputable suppliers of best brand hearing aids and negotiated reduced supply costs over nearly a decade. This enables us to pass the savings on to you with some of Australia's lowest hearing aid prices.

    Quality Hearing Aids Plus + Professional Service + Comprehensive Aftercare = Maximum Long Term Benefits

    Our hearing aids prices include the professional services required to accurately fit and verify them using real ear measurements (REM’s). We also thoroughly coach you in the use and management to ensure you effectively use them with confidence. We believe this is a minimal requirement to ensure they are of benefit and that they are used long term. We want our clients become advocates for the great benefits hearing aids can provide.


    - 3 Year National warranty

    - 1 Year of comprehensive insurance for loss or damage beyond repair.

    - 2 Boxes of Batteries (Approximately a years supply)

    - 1 Years unlimited appointments with no additional fees.

    - 1 Years supply of domes & wax filters.

    Price Beat Guarantee

    Price Beat Guarantee

    Please See the Exclusions that apply as Follows:

    • White Labeled Models
    • Online Hearing Aid Stores
    • Overseas Quoted Hearing Aids


    Our 5 % price beat guarantee applies to “hearing devices” and “hearing aids only”. Harmony Hearing has the discretion to not award a price beat guarantee. This is due to the number of non-compliant retailers in the Australian market. Should you wish to gain clarity on a price please call 08 93882638

    • At Harmony Hearing, we promise that we will always strive to provide our customers with the best prices on clearly identifiable top brand hearing aids. We believe that regaining your hearing should not cost a fortune. We work hard to provide you with the best prices on all of the best hearing aid brands including: Signia, Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and Widex.

    We stay up to date on current retail and wholesale pricing, meaning that we will always provide you with the best prices.

    If you are not sure we can offer you the lowest prices, we have a Best Price Guarantee and will beat any price you find for hearing aids by 5% at a better offer! Simply call or email us your quote and we’ll beat it by 5%

    E-mail: or Free Call 1800 02 04 06

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    Feb 25, 2018 | | Fremantle , WA

    5 of 5

    I was very pleased with every aspect of buying new upgraded hearing aids from Harmony. I have been wearing aids for about 10 years and never before have I had much choice being committed to once brand. There was no rush or pressurising and I appreciated the months free trial before I had to purchase. The aids themselves have made a big difference to my life especially for phone calls. I would recommend Harmony to Anyone. Thank you!

    Signia Hearing Aids
    Phonak Hearing Aids
    Resound hearing aids
    Oticon hearing aids
    Unitron hearing aids

    We will help you find and fit the hearing aids that will suit your needs best. You will be able to enjoy your daily activities without worrying about not being able to hear those around you.

    Our Unique Policy:

    Transparent Hearing Aid Pricing & Services

    Can I bring hearing aids I have already purchased?

    Yes indeed, we are happy to provide our comprehensive services to clients that have acquired their hearing aids elsewhere. You are required to purchase one of our service packages (Options 1, 2, 3 or 4).

    Individual Services Pricing

    We also have a clear schedule of pricing on all of our services which you can review here

    Why Professional ongoing service is important:

    Many pop-up shop style hearing aid dispensers have appeared in recent years that purport to offer cheaper prices and adopt a "fit and go" style approach advocating a high turnover model to justify their cheap
    prices. That high turnover refers to you! They seemingly ignore the research that clearly shows people adapt or acclimatise to hearing aid amplification and use over time. New users are typically given an introductory level if amplification which is incremented up over a series of months as their auditory system adapts and they acclimatise to the new sounds they are accessing. Progressive coaching ensures confident, successful use of hearing aids and maximises the benefits they give. Even experienced hearing aid users require ongoing service to properly maintain the effective functioning of quality hearing instruments. We strongly believe best communication outcomes are obtained through a combination of using quality hearing aids and their effective use and maintenence. For these reasons, we incorporate a comprehensive service package into our highly competitive hearing aid pricing. So you are not just investing in a product with us, but also a quality service program that ensures better communication outcomes for the long term.

    Our primary sense of hearing is vital for effective communication, relationships and directly affects our overall well-being and quality of life.

    It became standard practice for most large chain companies to charge on average $12000 to $13000 for a pair of premium hearing aids and approximately $10000 for a pair of advanced hearing aids. To some extent, these pumped up prices are the result of a degree of monopolisation and price fixing by these large chain dispensers. To add insult to injury these multi-branched companies are owned by one overseas manufacturer so as to secure their supply chain. They acquire their products at a fraction of the cost compared to an independent practitioner and will only offer that manufacturer’s products.

    So Who Owns Who?

    The Danish company Willam and Demant Holdings owns Oticon, Bernafon and Sonic Hearing Aids and the clinics including AudioClinic, Hearing Life and Western Hearing Services. By vertically integrating these local hearing aid dispensing companies they ensure their hearing aid products are the ones being recommended.

    Phonak and Unitron hearing aids are owned by Sonova a German company. Sonova own the Connect Hearing network of clinics. Another German company called Widex own the Widex Hearing Aids brand and the Bloom Hearing Clinics.

    Australia's National Hearing Care is owned by Amplifon which has it's headquarters based in Italy.

    Harmony Hearing & Audiology is 100% Perth Family Owned & Independent

    At Harmony Hearing & Audiology we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive personalised service and are free to recommend the best devices from all the leading manufacturers at a fraction of the price.
    It is typical for our clients to expect to save up to $4000 on what they would be charged by our larger local competitors. This means a fairer price for top quality yet relatively cheap hearing aids with all the professional
    service that comes from a qualified audiologist. We believe that hearing care is a journey and that the quality of the aftercare service is just as important as the level of technology when it comes to maximising beneficial
    outcomes for our clients.

    Payment Plan Options

    We use the following institutions to provide payment plan options to our clients. This can help you hear now and pay later.

    Ezy Pay Interest Free Payment Plans (< 6Months)

    We use Ezy Pay for our shorter term payment plans. The great thing about Ezy Pay is that its interest free and their processing fees  for EFT type transfers each month are only about $1.50

    Or Medi Pay For Longer Term Payment Plans (> 6 Months  to 5 Years) Does entail interest which can be negiotiated with Medi Pay


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      We do not share details with any third parties

      You can call us.

      The Phone Number for all branches apart from Fremantle is 1800 02 04 06

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