Want Effective Hearing Aids at Low Prices?

March 22, 2019

Buying hearing aids is a big decision. It will determine your hearing and communication ability, quality of sound and comfort all day, every day for years to come. The lifetime of a hearing aid can be up to about 10 years, after 8 it becomes difficult to get it repaired if it fails.

We believe that even the best hearing aids will perform only as well as they are fitted and maintained. Maintenance is a team effort on part by your clinician, but also your good habits as a hearing aid user.

So Much More Than Lowest Hearing Aid Price:

While price is important you have to keep in mind that you are not just buying a product, but you are also entering into a service relationship. The trust, confidence and relationship you have with your Audiologist is very important.There are also practical considerations including hearing clinic location, availability of appointments and opening hours.

Going for the Cheapest Price?

It can be attractive just to go for the cheapest option. The most important question you have to ask your-self is, “is it like for like?” What service will be offered? Are the hearing aids the latest technology? The cheapest price is not always the best option. You need to be clear about the facts surrounding that price inclusive of the service and aftersales conditions included.

Here’s a summary of information we think it’s important to try to find out up front:

– What’s the service package included. How long do I attain service for?

– The duration of warranty (Can range from 1 to 4 years) Is there any Insurance included for Loss or Damage beyond repair?

– Turn around time for repairs. (Can interim loan hearing aids be borrowed if my hearing aids are away for repair?)

– Are batteries, domes, wax filters and ot\her accessories included. (How many)- Will you be fitted by a University Trained, Registered and Experienced Audiologist or just a hearing aid salesman?

– Do they have professional clinics or centres with support staff that are open & readily available for ‘walk in’ assistance. (Necessary for spontaneous repairs, for parts and maintenance.)

– Do they offer multi-brand trials and satisfaction guarantee. (Look for a minimum 30 days trial)- Are they independent i.e. not the retail arm of a hearing aid manufacturer and therefore can offer genuine informed choice.(Look for members of Independent Audiologists Australia – IAA)

As you can see there is a vast amount of information to consider and a good independent Audiologist will educate you and help you on the journey to making informed choice.

A Formulae For Success with Hearing Aids:

Quality Hearing Aids + Professional Service + Comprehensive Aftercare = Maximal Hearing Aid Benefit

How we offer some of the Lowest Hearing Aid Prices in Australia;
Over the years, we have negotiated intensively with suppliers of best brand hearing aids to lower their supply costs to us. Today we are able to offer some of the lowest hearing aid prices in Australia, whilst still maintaining our industry leading service and aftercare.

After Sales Conditions we typically Include:

– 3 Year National warranty

– 1 Year of comprehensive insurance for loss or damage beyond repair.

– 2 Boxes of Batteries (Approximately a years supply)

– 1 Years unlimited appointments with no additional fees

– 1 Years supply of domes & wax filters.

Best Hearing Aid Price Guarantee
If you are not sure we can offer you the lowest prices, we have a Best Price Guarantee and will beat any price you find for hearing aids with similar service by 5%.
Simply email your quote or call and we’ll do our best to better it or you.

To see our hearing aid price ranges please follow this link:https://harmonyhearing.com.au/hearing-aids/hearing-aid-prices/
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